Friday, February 20, 2015

Great FREE weekly planner printables

I have found lately that I spend more time planning to write than actually writing. I did start looking around at some great printables online for daily/weekly planning. Of course there were a million! I found some awesome ones at and also at But the ones I did download, I got from . A perfect weekly planning sheet and a lot of great printables at that site for Pagans. So now, I am off to plan. Again. Here is hoping I will stop "planning" so much and get the real work done. Good luck to you too my little writers...

Monday, February 2, 2015

Loosen Up- It's all good!

Well. I completely got off onto a rabbit trail yesterday- about The Elements of Style. This book also taught me to get rid of any words that were not absolutely needed. Case in point- about 30 years ago, I wrote my own alphadavid (?) for court. I won the case- and the judge told me it read like a Agatha Christi novel. I took it to mean "Just the facts Mam'" My one and one half page, typed statement, had many many drafts. No opinion. Just facts. I find my first drafts being too tight. Always, I am trying to take out unneeded words. So much so that the the final draft is too tight. Writing should be like a song. Ups and downs and building up and letting down. It is very much a puzzle to create a good piece of work. Not to mention proper sentence structure which I still suck at pretty bad. Yup. But I am learning! I love to write. I am far from perfect and still can't afford a real editor. But one day I will! So- I don't worry about it. I will read books by great Authors and learn more with every one.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I must be a medium too.

I must be a Medium. It's a fact that every time I read "its a fact that",  I cringe. William Strunk and E,B, White pointed that out in the Elements of Style to never write those ungodly words. I don't think I ever have. Or will. I have always remembered it.  

Maybe it is because E,B, White was my first favorite Author with Charlotte's Web. If I only had 1.00 for every time I was called that! Anyway, it was a sad story, as was my life at the time (42 years ago)  man,  I aint getting any younger.

Keep writing. Keep learning. This is a must have book for any writer.

Elements Of Style    < ---  See the book here

Friday, January 30, 2015

Old Writer New Writer Same Tricks,

It seems that me and many other writers have one problem that just makes the rounds. You learn it, do it, and then go back to square one. Wondering what to do next. I found this picture on line and saved it as a reminder. THIS is the BIG secret to great writing. The first ugly draft...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Joan's not here, but can we still talk?

Tonight, and this weekend I am reworking and editing my first book Too Late To Panic. A troll put a horrible review, telling the plot and complaining about things that just were not true. (like the ages of the main characters being omitted) It was there, and like the rest of us, when in doubt, look at the cover lol. Anyhoo. Since it wasn't marked as a spoiler, that tells me this person was very self centered. I suggested she get the free self help books available, and she said I attacked her. lol. I think her life is very shallow to take her frustration out on a stranger. And since the book was free, what was the point of reading it when as she said- she didn't like novellas? BUT! She read the story cover to cover (as a free gift) so woo hoo, my job was done. I don't read a book cover to cover if it sucks. Why waste the time? The book was my first toe in the water so to speak so it does need help- and hopefully a newer and better version will be available on Amazon next week! I hadn't planned on this blog being politically correct, but something that real Indies new and old- may get some real behind the scenes= look at another writers travels... and thoughts.

A fun read on a lazy day!

I am reading this today and find it very enjoyable and full of goodies! I will post a review as soon as I have finished. What are you reading lately?