Monday, February 2, 2015

Loosen Up- It's all good!

Well. I completely got off onto a rabbit trail yesterday- about The Elements of Style. This book also taught me to get rid of any words that were not absolutely needed. Case in point- about 30 years ago, I wrote my own alphadavid (?) for court. I won the case- and the judge told me it read like a Agatha Christi novel. I took it to mean "Just the facts Mam'" My one and one half page, typed statement, had many many drafts. No opinion. Just facts. I find my first drafts being too tight. Always, I am trying to take out unneeded words. So much so that the the final draft is too tight. Writing should be like a song. Ups and downs and building up and letting down. It is very much a puzzle to create a good piece of work. Not to mention proper sentence structure which I still suck at pretty bad. Yup. But I am learning! I love to write. I am far from perfect and still can't afford a real editor. But one day I will! So- I don't worry about it. I will read books by great Authors and learn more with every one.

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