Friday, January 23, 2015

Joan's not here, but can we still talk?

Tonight, and this weekend I am reworking and editing my first book Too Late To Panic. A troll put a horrible review, telling the plot and complaining about things that just were not true. (like the ages of the main characters being omitted) It was there, and like the rest of us, when in doubt, look at the cover lol. Anyhoo. Since it wasn't marked as a spoiler, that tells me this person was very self centered. I suggested she get the free self help books available, and she said I attacked her. lol. I think her life is very shallow to take her frustration out on a stranger. And since the book was free, what was the point of reading it when as she said- she didn't like novellas? BUT! She read the story cover to cover (as a free gift) so woo hoo, my job was done. I don't read a book cover to cover if it sucks. Why waste the time? The book was my first toe in the water so to speak so it does need help- and hopefully a newer and better version will be available on Amazon next week! I hadn't planned on this blog being politically correct, but something that real Indies new and old- may get some real behind the scenes= look at another writers travels... and thoughts.

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